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Consell de Cent 


Consell de Cent

An experiential building in one of the great cities, Barcelona. 





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Identify the potential audience or possible target guests for the project.

Find the experiences, amenities, and services that the project should consider involving as part of its value proposition for the sustainable success of the project, maintaining constant demand and a high level of commitment between its audience and its brand.

Define its concept, experience, and communication.

Problem statement

Create an international identity for future expansion of foreign investment.

Explore international markets of high interest

The process

Top Down & Bottom Up

Due to the client's requirements, I used the Top Down & Bottom Up design method in order to find out the offer and the competition, to try to understand the potential audience, and learned what they want. 

Selected around 10 offers (worldwide) from each part of the pyramid and gain relevant insights to the industry and how they differ from the competition in terms of expertise and communication

Used different research methods:

Surveys, interviews, usability studies, and shadowing.

Competitive Analysis

In order to construct a concise and solid foundation for Consell de Cent. I had to venture out and see what was the competition already doing and what user goals they were not reaching. I evaluated several features deemed vital from user surveys and identified which ones Consell de Cent didn't have.

Findings against the investigation of the supply

1. Personalization creates unmatched value and the guest is looking to return.
2. Internal communication increases the connection between the platform and the person concerned.
3. Interior design and conceptual design are motivations when choosing a property.

4. Contact with the client has positive consequences: it generates a relevant database that contributes to the service of the stay. 

5. The amenities connect the guest both with their needs and with the brand, these products speaking for themselves. 

6. Managing standards is extremely important since it allows the replication of the service. 

References give us a scope of what can be abstracted for the concept to work on, through industry success stories addressing the needs and desires of the audience.

Interviews & survey data

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Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 15.23.38.png
Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 15.31.10.png

Key points to consider

  • Higher-income participants tend to be more interested in the concept.

  • Users almost completely organize their accommodation.

  • The usual duration of business trips is from 2 months to 2 years at most.

  • Users who have lived abroad often focus their attention on services and guidance.

  • There is a relationship between a lack of interest in the concept and a lack of people's knowledge about it.

  • Participants primarily define "home" as a place a comfortable place where they can feel at peace and with space for





After the research

Customer contact has positive consequences: it generates a relevant database that helps in their future stay.

The amenities are so essential for the guest, and that is why alliances are made with external companies that complement their portfolio of experiences.

Standards are of the utmost importance since in this way your service can be the same in any of your properties.


While doing research you need to focus on the users and also create the right personas for your product in order for this to work. I learned how important it was to listen and make the correct questions. 

Working on these parts of the project was demanding but also I was satisfied we had found the perfect user with the perfect product. 

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